20 Pack Cord Organizer Kitchen Appliance Cord Winder with 10-Piece Adhesive cord Winder Stick to Appliance Cord Organizer Suitable for Kitchen Utensils Such as Air Fryer Juicer Small Coffee Maker

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Product Description

Product descriptionProduct description

Cord Organizer Brings You A New and Ideal Life Experience

When using various small appliances in the kitchen whether wife or husband both want to see the appliances in the kitchen are neatly arranged. Kitchen appliance cord winder will make sorting out work easier. Power cord organizer can help a space saver. Appliance cord winder will not be too obtrusive when stick to the machine, fit and elegant. Cord organizer will give your kitchen a whole new look.

cord organizer for appliancescord organizer for appliances

High Quality Kitchen Cord Winder

Cord organizer for kitchen appliances comes with spare tape that can be replaced when power cord organizer’s tape is not sticky. Kitchen appliance cord wrap sticking area is made of a reinforced version of non-marking double-sided strong adhesive. Cord wrapper added easily hand tear design make using more convenient. 3 positions on the cord organizer allow to easily hold cords of different lengths and thickness cords.

kitchen appliance cord winderkitchen appliance cord winder

Good Helper in Kitchen——Kitchen Appliance Cord Winder

The wires of home appliances are placed in disorder for a long time, which is easy to damage the wires or trip over the elderly and children. Cord winder is the nemesis of kitchen appliances line mess. Cord organizers can solve tangled power cords in kitchen appliances. If using cord organizer on a curved appliance surface should stick vertically. Try to maximize the contact surface between the cord organizer’s adhesive and the appliance to make it stronger.

appliance cord winderappliance cord winder

Easy to Install and Use Cord Keeper

Wipe down the sticking spot, making sure to stick the cord winder where it is free of dirt. Peel off the adhesive tape on the back of the cord organizer and press lightly to ensure a firmer bond. Appliance cord wraps are available after waiting 4 hours. Each cord organizers is made of high quality rubber and durable. Kitchen cord organizer not easy to deform, easy to carry and can be used for a long time.

appliance cord organizer stick onappliance cord organizer stick on

Colorful Appliance Cord Winder

There are many colors of cord organizer. Cord organizer are suitable for most kitchen appliances, such as coffee machines, juicers, air fryers, etc. You can stick cord winder on wood, metal, ceramic, plastic and other smooth walls, countertops or electrical surfaces. Stick cord organizers to the wall of the entrance or hallway, and it becomes a versatile hook trinket for hanging your shopping bags, keys, etc.

High Quality Material: Cord organizer is made of high quality eco-friendly rubber, durable, stable and reliable, not easy to deform. The adhesive on the back of cord organizer for appliances is a high-quality glue selected after many tests, with good adhesion, not easy to fall off, and strong bearing capacity.
Package Contents: Buy kitchen appliance cord winder and you will get 20 appliance cord winders, including 12 single-ended cord wrapper for appliances and 8 upgraded double-ended cord keepers. Different types and different standards give you more choices. In addition, each set of cord organizers for appliances comes with 10 replacement double-sided adhesive tapes.
A good helper in the kitchen: the wires of home appliances are placed in disorder for a long time, which is easy to damage the wires or trip over by the elderly and children. Cord winder can organize messy power cords, save space and improve kitchen efficiency. Cord holder can get rid of tangled power cords in kitchen appliances and keep the place looking clean and tidy.
Multifunctional Cord Clip: Cord wrapper can be applied to more than 80% of household appliances, and can be applied to various kitchen equipment, such as coffee machines, blenders, air fryers, toasters, pressure cookers, juicers. Kitchen appliance cord wrap keeps all your kitchen equipment wiring organized.
EASY INSTALLATION: Tidy wrap cord organizer is easy to install, simple and fast. Before connecting the appliance cord organizer, clean the surface thoroughly to ensure that it is free of dirt and oil. Then peel off the cord holder for appliances backing tape to attach the surface and apply pressure to ensure a true bond and ready to use.

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