Mueller Ultra Kettle: Model No. M99S 1500W Electric Kettle with SpeedBoil Tech, 1.8 Liter Cordless with LED Light, Borosilicate Glass, Auto Shut-Off and Boil-Dry Protection

Price: $35.99 - $29.97
(as of Feb 09,2023 20:42:09 UTC – Details)

Product Description


High Quality MaterialsHigh Quality Materials

Intelligent LEDIntelligent LED



High Quality Materials

Made from borosilicate glass and equipped with a stainless steel bottom, this electric kettle is built to serve you for years into the future.

Intelligent LED Illumination

Know in a glance when your hot water is ready: the dynamic LED lights will shine blue when your kettle is at work, and automatically shut off when your drink is done.

Intuitive Design

We believe in sleek, straight-forward designs that work for the everyday. Simply flick the top switch on your kettle into the ‘On’ position, and have your steaming hot beverage ready in a number of minutes.

Cordless Jug

Move your kettle from the counter, to the stove top, to the sink with ease. Our cordless jug means your kettle can be transported to where you need it most.

Energy EfficientEnergy Efficient


Auto Shut OffAuto Shut Off

Taste The DifferenceTaste The Difference Taste The Difference

Enjoy your favorite beverages, in less time than ever before (and save money on energy while you’re at it!).

Safety First

Get uncompromising quality, with complete peace of mind. Our electric kettle is constructed from non-toxic borosilicate glass and stainless steel, two of the safest materials for electric kettles. It also comes equipped with automatic shut off, sensing when your water is at boiling (212°F) and switching off power accordingly.

Brings water to the boil within minutes LED light signals when kettle is working 1.8L water capacity Non-toxic, high quality materials More energy efficient than stove-top

Water GaugeWater Gauge

Strix Thermostat TechnologyStrix Thermostat Technology


Helpful Water Gauge

Having guests over for a hot drink? Know exactly how much water you’ll need to boil with our handy measurement marks, located on the side of the cordless jug. Heat up to 7 × 250 ml cups at a time!

Otter Thermostat Technology

Thanks to Otter Thermostat Technology, your electric kettle doesn’t expend any more energy than necessary – it switches off automatically when it senses the water inside has reached 212°F.

360° Rotation

Find your kettle’s perfect place in your kitchen. With its ability to rotate 360° in its holder, you can easily move it to fit in just about anywhere.

Package Dimension
7.72 × 4.41 × 4.33 inches 15.5 × 11.5 × 9 inches 9.84 x 7.87 x 1.57 inches 17.95 × 10.75 × 5.98 inches

Item Weight
1.28 pounds 5.54 pounds 2.97 pounds 7.45 pounds

White, Black, Gray, Red Stainless Steel Clear Black

11 tablespoons 12 cups 7 cups 32 cups

PUREST TASTING WATER – SUPERIOR QUALITY – Made with the finest quality Borosilicate Glass, which lasts a lifetime, 304 stainless steel and heat resistant copolyester for the safest, freshest water. A premium long lasting lid that stays shut when it’s supposed to for years to come, unlike the majority of the others on the market.
MAXIMUM SAFETY – High quality thermostat controller, auto shut-off within 30s after the water is fully boiling. Boil-dry safety feature where it turns off if it detects there is no water inside. Built with a Heat-Resistant Anti-Slip Grip Handle, no worries of it slipping out of your hands or getting burned while holding it. Will not contaminate liquids.
FASTEST BOIL – Equipped with bright LED’s which indicate the kettle is heating. The controller with Mueller SpeedBoil circuitry will boil the water lightning fast and be ready to use for tea, oatmeal, coffee, pasta and much more.
VERSATILITY – Completely Cordless when off the base, the Mueller Ultra Kettle teakettle allows you easy and unobstructed pouring. 360° Clear Rotational Glass Body is perfect for precise measuring of water.
Made in China

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