LED E17 Microwave Oven Bulb , Repalcement for 8206232A Dimmable, 8W 800lm 6000k Daylight White,30-50watt Halogen Replacement,AC 120V Appliance Bulbs ,2-Pack. (Daylight White)

Price: $12.96
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Product Description

WeiSpecia  E17 LEDWeiSpecia  E17 LED

Features: ✓Hgh brightness ✓Low power consumption ✓Easy to install ✓Reduces maintenance costs ✓Reduces cooling costs ✓Reduces energy costs

Product Specifications:

–Dimmable: YES

–Base: E17 candle holder base

–Brightness: 800 Lumens

–Color Temperature: 6000k

–Light Color: Daylight White

–LED Type: 2835 SMD

–CRI: Ra≥80

–Beam Angle: 360 Degrees

–Voltage Required: AC 110V-130V

2835 LED Chip

High luminous intesity,Compared with traditional halogen bulbs, LEDs have a service life of up to 30,000 hours, will not be hot during continuous use, and are not easy to burn. No mercury, no radiation, less glare, no light attenuation.

  Superior Dimmable LED Bulb

Our bulbs have better dimming capability then most LED bulbs. Smooth results when turning up and down.

Dimmable Uses 8 Watts of Power


Best color rendering of any LED bulb

The color rendering index(CRI) is the ability to restore color. Daylight color rendering index is 100, incandescent lamp is 100, LED is 70-90. The lower the CRI, the more visually distorted the color. WeiSpecia LEDs CRI is all above 80 Ra.

80 Color Rendering 360 Degree Light Distribution 800 Lumens Uses 8 Watts of Power Indoor/Outdoor Use

E17 candle holder base

This is the perfect 40 Watt Incandescent bulb replacement.They are designed as drop-in replacements for conventional clear incandescent bulbs used in decorative light fixtures, such as table lamps, pendant lights, chandeliers, and bulb-based candelabras. They have the brightness of traditional incandescent bulbs, but they do not cause damage to the bulb due to heat, and are more efficient than traditional halogen bulbs.


0053422, 0053437, 05200136, 05200137, 14209237, 14210453, 14210811, 14218311, 14218312, 14218318, 1890433, 2635-0004, 2635-0005, 2665-0003, 4158344, 4158365, 4158432, 4164062, 4166665, 4174608, 4338831, 4359625, 4393681, 53001372, 53437, 56001071, 56001089, 57001073, 747000, 747001, 8189961, 8204855, 8205422, 8205586, 8206232, 8206443, AP4512653, R0712011, R0712013, R0712014, R0712015, R0712016, R0713503, R9800403, R9900310, W10321375, W10598935, etc.

Fits these models



Fits these models



✔[Efficient ]- An LED light uses far less energy (watt) to produce the same light output (lumen). Replace 40W halogen bulb by 8W LED, save 80% on electricity bill of lighting.
✔[Eco-Friendly] – No lead or mercury, no UV or IR, environment protected, emits gentle lights protecting your eyes without intense lights dazzling.
✔[High color rendering index] – Ra>80, This E17 bulb can show the real color of objects well, daylight color temperature provides very bright light, proper look to food when cooking.
✔[Applicable scene] – Suitable for all E17 sockets, including chandeliers, microwave ovens, kitchen appliances, counter range hoods, stove top lights, refrigerator lights, cabinet lights, etc.

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