SolidRF Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home and Office, Up to 1,500 sq ft Support All US Carriers AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, U.S. Cellular & More-Band 12/13/17/5/2/25/4, FCC Approved

Price: $169.99
(as of Sep 26,2021 18:55:26 UTC – Details)

Product Description

cell phone boostercell phone booster

cell phone signal booster for homecell phone signal booster for home

cell phone signal boostercell phone signal booster

cell phone booster for homecell phone booster for home

signal booster for cell phone

signal booster for cell phone

home cell phone booster

home cell phone booster

5g cell phone booster

5g cell phone booster

Weak signal condition

The Outdoor Signal Level: 1-2 Bars(-100dBm).
Coverage 0~300 sq ft area.
Suitable for Convenience Store, Gas Station, Apartment.

Middle Signal Level

The Outdoor Signal Level: 3-4 Bars (-90dBm).
Coverage ~1000 sq ft area.
Suitable for middle size home, office, apartment, warehouse.

Strong Signal Level

The Outdoor Signal Level: 5 Bars (-80dBm).
Coverage ~1500 sq ft area.
Suitable for middle size office/warehouse with open space and metal roof.

at&t signal boosterat&t signal booster


1. Please put OUTSIDE ANTENNA toward the signal tower and transfer the signal to the signal booster. (NOTE: make sure you can get at least 1-2bars outside, or it can‘t work.)

2.The BOOSTER will receive signal and strengthen the signal by outside antenna. Then the INDOOR ANTENNA will receive signal from booster and improved cellular signal throughout the cover area.


1 * Outdoor Directional Antenna

1 * Signal Booster

1 * Indoor Antenna

1 * 60 ft RG6 cable

1 * 12V Power Supply

1 *Mounting Parts Of Outdoor Antenna

Compatible With All US Carriers — Work for Band 12/13/17/5/2/25/4. Compatible with all US & Canada Carriers, including: AT&T, Verizon, T-mobile, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, Bell, Telus, Rogers, Fido, Sasktel, MTS Etc All Across North America
Better Signal Guarantee — With a better incoming signal, our cell booster antenna require less output power to send and receive signal, which can significantly reduce the required transmission power of mobile phones and then reduce electromagnetic radiation exposure level to the human body. Meantime, a better signal reduces power usage, which can save your battery and add battery life of phones on standby mode up to 2 hours
Powerful Antenna — Our 5g cell phone booster comes with upgraded high gain directional LPDA antenna, which makes whole system more stable for the best performance. Signal speed can increase by 20%. Automatically adjusts system gain and power level to get the optimum result. No manual intervention needed
Reliable Service Guarantee — FCC&IC approved, FCC authentication certificate ID:A7V-SR15652001, HVIN:SR15652001. 30-day money-back guarantee, 3-year manufacturer warranty, US-based professional technical support, we’re at your service all the time. Buy SolidRF cell phone booster once, and boost for life
Easy Installation — Complete installation can be done in 1 hour by 2 person, suitable for home, office, convenience store, warehouse, apartment or workshop

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