Compeed Advanced Blister Care 8 Count Sports Medium (2 Packs), Hydrocolloid Bandages, Heel Blister Patches, Blister on Foot, Blister Prevention & Treatment Help, Waterproof Cushions

Price: $18.76
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Compeed® Advanced Blister Care Cushions 8 Ct Sports Medium Pads (2 Packs). One pack includes 8 sports medium sized cushions, ideal for heels. Compeed Sports pads have a honeycomb design that provides 20% extra cushioning and padding (vs. Compeed medium cushions) for optimal comfort and protection during any high intensity activity. Compeed® uses hydrocolloid, a moist wound healing dressing, designed to help your skin heal faster. The active gel pads absorb excess liquid from the wound, and a have thick cushioning that redistributes pressure from the blister to deliver instant pain relief. They are form fitting with tapering edges, and fit like a second skin. They are waterproof, hypoallergenic, breathable, durable and flexible, so they can stay in place for several days, even during showers and exercise. The cushions are designed to create an optimal healing environment, while protecting blisters from dirt, water, germs and bacteria, to help blisters heal naturally.

Instant pain relief: Provides 10X more pain relief than ordinary bandages; Relieves rubbing, pressure and friction caused by high impact sports, new shoes, high heels, sweaty socks, walking, hiking or running long distances
Faster healing: Heals 20 percent faster than ordinary bandages; Compeed blister pads act like a second skin, creating a moist healing environment while protecting blisters from dirt, water, germs and bacteria, helping blisters heal naturally
Long lasting protection: Stays in place 50 percent longer than ordinary bandages, even after showers and exercise; Compeed blister cushions are form fitting, waterproof, hypoallergenic and breathable, and help prevent and protect hot spots and blisters
Discover the Compeed Advantage: Try Compeed, which has one of the highest user satisfaction in blister care, and see how it compares to other products you use to prevent and treat painful blisters

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