360 Sport Wave Brush Caesar 2.0 – Red Velvet – Soft – 100% Boar Bristles

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Product Description

Crown LOGO Crown LOGO

Three Quarters view of FThree Quarters view of F

Fill View of Velvet Caesar 2.0

Main Brushing hair with Caesar 2.0Main Brushing hair with Caesar 2.0

Our Story

In 2007 the soon to be CEO of Crown Quality Products, Robert A. Watson had a vision which involved creating an innovative new hairbrush that would quickly and efficiently define deep 360 wave hair patterns. Having been a local barber, he was familiar with the unique requirements of natural Black hair. Watson carved his initial hair brushes by hand from 2 x 4’s and worked diligently to fine tune the design. In 2008 he perfected and copyrighted the first ever contoured wave brush.

Red Velvet | Caesar 2.0 Wave Brush | Soft Bristles

Waves in Days!

This is the Next Generation of Innovation from Crown Quality Products. This Super Durable / Technologically Advanced Material will not break, crack, or dent with the worst punishment. Waves in days is now Waves in Hours; Use in the shower or underwater for lightning fast results! Truly Futuristic. Series 1. Limited quantities. Collectable. You do not want to miss out on the most innovative hair brush ever created. Every Series has new different color combinations.

Solid, High-quality, Poly-Epoxy Indestructible Body

Slightly contoured bristles

Wet/Dry Technology – use in shower or underwater

Indented logo

No-slip rubber grips

Extremely durable scratch-resistant paint

Comes with sequential, numbered “CQP Black Card” **When Available**

Storage tray

Close up view of Rubber Grips

Close up view of Rubber Grips

Close up Image of Indestructible Bosy

Close up Image of Indestructible Bosy

Detailed view of waterproof features.

Detailed view of waterproof features.

Three Quarters view of Brush

Three Quarters view of Brush

No-slip rubber grips

Great for holding onto your brush no matter where you use it. No more slippery drops while in the shower.

Hold brush in the perfect angle for the perfect waves.

Solid, High-quality, Poly-Epoxy Indestructible Body

This hairbrush fits perfectly in the palm of you hand. It is made especially for precision grooming.

The indestructible body is a new material never used in the beauty market before.

Wet/Dry Technology – use in shower or underwater

No more worrying about how Hot or Cold water effects your bristle or if your brush will crack!

This product is built for your active lifestyle.

Extremely durable scratch-resistant paint

We have literally driven over this brush with 5 TON truck and it is still performing.

This brush will keep you looking good while it continues to look good doing it.

Man with braids brushing his beard with a Caeser2.0 hairbrushMan with braids brushing his beard with a Caeser2.0 hairbrush

The Future of hairbrushes is here.

By 2011 CQP Revolutionized the Beauty Industry when we introduced our Invention of the Contour / Curved Hair Brush.



Hair Goal

More like a medium soft. The 100% Boar Bristles groom and polish hair with ease. Great for short to medium hair lengths.

Made with Premium “Silk” Boar Bristles. Feels more a like medium-soft. Polishes and lays hair to perfection. Best for short to medium lengths.

The Very best hair training brush. Creates uniform waves with ease. Deep bristle penetration. Lays, detangles, and adds luster to hair. Good for all stages. Low, Medium and Long hair.

Works great on all hair textures, combs through to the scalp. Straightens, detangles and adds shine to hair. Good for all hair lengths.

Good for medium to coarse hair. Straightens, detangles, and lays hair. Trains hair with ease. Good for medium to longer hair lengths.

Crown Classic

Crown 2.0

New Slightly Contoured 100% Boar Bristles – Best of Both Worlds, More Connections, Less Forks
New Water Proof Wet/Dry Technology, Use in The Shower or Underwater for Lightning Fast Results ( Waves N’ Days has now Become WAVES N’ HOURS ) – Will Never Crack or Break
New No-Slip Rubber Grips, and Indented Logo – Keep Your Logo for Life
New Extremely Durable Scratch-Resistant Paint, Comes with Storage tray and Sequential Numbered “CQP Authenticity Black Card” You Can Register to Win FREE Give-A-Ways

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