Genius Electrolyte Powder – Natural Hydration Booster | Endurance Supplement with Electrolytes (Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc) – Sugar Free, Vegan, Keto Friendly Energy – Lemon Lime (Drink Mix), 30 Sv

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Replenish Your Electrolytes with Genius

What makes hydration supplements great? You don’t want your electrolyte drinks to include artificial colors and flavors or added sugars when you’re trying to strengthen your body and wellness. You wouldn’t want your liquid electrolyte drops, capsules, packets to center mostly around fun colors and sugary flavors either, it’s more important that they can support your body, right? You want an electrolyte mix with no sugar added, no fake flavors, colors, or fillers, just quality ingredients.

The trace minerals electrolytes work alongside with in our bodies can be overlooked at times. Genius Electrolytes is a versatile supplement that can fill several niches, like a natural sports drink you can mix together any time. It can serve as a:

● Vitamin C & Potassium Supplement

● Magnesium & Zinc Powder

● Muscle Recovery Powder

● “Anytime, Anywhere” Instant Hydrate Powder

Many people suffer from continuous dehydration without even realizing it, and who can blame them? Today’s world is busy, stressful, and full of distractions that take us away from our personal needs and wellness. The brain and body both must work harder when they are not adequately hydrated, negatively impacting affecting focus and energy levels.

Keep yourself at peak hydration with Genius Electrolytes!

electrolyte powder

electrolyte powder

electrolyte powder

electrolyte powder

electrolyte powder

electrolyte powder

Post Exercise

Athletes, bodybuilders, and fit persons of every stripe know the value of recovery drinks after exercise. Enjoy Genius Lemon Lime Electrolytes after a workout. It is important to keep hydrated and replenish the water and electrolytes lost.

After a Night Out

Everybody loves a good party, but the aftermath can leave you drained of energy and enthusiasm. Something many people do not think about is how alcohol consumption can cause dehydration. Replenishing your electrolytes will not only make you feel better but help you bounce back quicker after a night on the town or partying with friends at home.

After Sweating

Sweating helps our body cool down, opens the pores, and is an important part of natural body wellness. We also lose sodium and potassium as we sweat, and after a long day working outside, exercising hard, or just enjoying the sun it’s important to restore these minerals. Proper hydration will help your body beat the heat and function at top quality.

electrolyte powderelectrolyte powder

Genius Electrolytes is a Balance of 7 Essential Electrolytes and Trace Minerals that Support Optimal Hydration

Magnesium is crucial for muscle functionality and plays a key role in communication between nerves. It also contributes to immune system function.

Phosphorus is important for the daily growth and maintenance of cells, allowing the body to make repairs. Most people know that calcium contributes to bone strength and density, but phosphorus is also an important component in strong bone development.

Selenium is an essential mineral that is needed by the body to create antioxidant enzymes and fight oxidative stress. Just a small amount daily helps the body, but many hydration tablets overlook its value as an essential mineral.

Zinc, like selenium, is an essential mineral that plays a fundamental role in the body. Zinc supports cellular division, muscle growth, and is a major contributor to immune system performance. Newer research into Zinc suggests that it also aids the body in absorbing water and other electrolytes, adding to its value as an ingredient for hydration pills and muscle recovery supplements.

Sodium is an essential electrolyte that helps the muscles contract and relax alongside potassium, influences nerve communication, and ensures that the body is able to keep its blood pressure and fluids balanced.

Chloride is just as essential as sodium, and the two work together in the body to maintain fluid balance and blood pressure. Chloride additionally helps control the pH (acidity and alkalinity) of the body’s vital fluids.

Potassium plays a major role in protein development, fluid balance, and muscle and heart function. As with sodium, potassium helps the body regulate nerve communication and muscle contractions.

Additionally, Genius Electrolytes contains 100% of the daily value of Vitamin C and 300mg of Sustamine per serving. Sustamine is a trademarked combination of the amino acids L-Glutamine and L-Alanine made easier for the body to absorb. L-Glutamine contributes to muscle protein synthesis while L-Alanine helps the body rebuild its glycogen stores, making Sustamine a great addition to any hydration and muscle recovery aid.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

What is it for?

Muscular Health, Function and Performance

Post-Workout Muscle Maximizer

Mind-to-Muscle Pre Workout

Extended Release Caffeine

Dual Muscle & Cerebral Strength

All Natural?

Caffeine Free?

167mg Natural Caffeine

100mg Natural Caffeine

MUSCLE RECOVERY & CRAMP DEFENSE – Sweaty exercise drains your body’s minerals, and optimal recovery requires an optimal source of minerals to avoid cramping. Genius Electrolyte mix is your pre, post, and intra workout supplement for a superior hydration multiplier. Don’t settle for cheap electrolyte water, pills, or tablets! Our product contains essential electrolytes, including potassium carbonate (comparable to potassium citrate), additional amino acid and trace mineral supplement support.
PARTY LIKE A GENIUS – A morning recovery hangover can often follow just a good time with friends and alcohol. Genius Electrolytes has you covered while you play, too. Alcohol can dehydrate the body, and a good dose of electrolytes can make for a healthy hangover prevention aid or post hangover drink. Water retention increases after drinking alcohol; add a Genius electrolyte replacement to your water and create upgraded hydration drinks for the afterparty recovery.
ESSENTIAL MINERALS FOR KETO DRINKS – Those following the keto lifestyle know the value of potassium and magnesium supplements. Genius Electrolyte drink mix doubles as a potassium powder, while also providing a more bioavailable chelated magnesium in addition to other valuable minerals. Make your keto electrolytes powder a Genius one!

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